About Us

Our Vision

Car Caves is a destination for collectors to create a personal retreat and build a community that celebrates automotive culture. Each Car Cave is a customizable showroom, designed to fit your needs and safely store your collector vehicles. At the center of our community is an exclusive lounge, where members can socialize, unwind in our elegantly designed facility and enjoy our world-class amenities.

To allow our members to create their dream automotive showrooms and share their passion with a community of like-minded enthusiasts.

Whether you are an automotive enthusiast seeking a private retreat or a tight-knit community to share your passion with, Car Caves is the ultimate destination for collectors. The private, loft-style units offer spacious storage for prized vehicles below and a luxurious mezzanine floor above. Enjoy the privacy of your dream showroom, gather with fellow enthusiasts in our communal members’ lounge, hone your skills on our state-of-the-art racing simulators, and participate in our exclusive member events. Car Caves offers exceptional service, top-notch facilities, the freedom to customize your dream leisure space and a strong community environment built upon shared passion.

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